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Hello, I’d like to apologize for the gap in getting both of our sites updated the last couple weeks. I finally underwent my third surgery on Halloween day. The surgery went well, it was a difficult surgery and I will need some lengthy PT (Physical Therapy). It’s been a long haul. I was admitted back in August of 2018 and currently still reside at a  rehab facility in Mpls. I hope you, our guests, continue to patronize both Rescue Love Save and Let’s Chat Dogs

When I am fully up and walking again and return home, I will be updating all sites on a regular and hopefully daily basis. We have plans to add additional sites as well. So please continue visiting and we’ll try to keep you posted on our progress, new content and other fun stuff. If you wish to write me for ideas or inclusions or even to just say Hi, please contact me at the email address, rbunkholt@achefsworld.com


Today’s updates:

I love dog photos and adding some text for chuckles, memes if you will, and I’ve been posting them on “Dogs make me Smile &Happy” on Facebook. Please visit them. They have thousands of photos and folks are amazing. You can comment or post anything related to the sites name. Caution: it’s addicting. I’ve gotten 500 plus likes on many of my posts that I’ve put together. I thought I would include those here today as well, and hope they give you a chuckle or two. 

Thanksgiving is close, and many are geared towards the holidays. We hope you enjoy them. 

Our sister site RLS, will also be updated to include a new Blog or two and some articles on dog abuse, rescue work and other topics you’re probably already familiar with. 

Here’s a short list of some updates for both sites: 

▪ Black Friday: Top doggy picks for Fido. 

▪ Holiday articles for Christmas. 

▪ LCD updates, photos, Blogs

▪New Rescue and Shelter News 

And more to be announced...

Past Updates...

🦴 Start walking dog’s, you could mingle with the elite... Business startup opportunity. 

How one entrepreneur made over $1 million walking dogs. The business of dog walking may be bigger than you think... Keep reading the full article here.

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Spay/Neuter Debate


🦴 Let’s Blog— Special Series (4 of 5)...

Controversial Vaccines Debate...

🦴  Let’s Blog: Time to clean house... Donate these simple items to your local shelter, some are even “Free”. Learn more

🦴 Let’s Blog— Special Series (3 of 5)...

Controversial series on training collars, read it here

🦴 A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:  These canine furby’s can detect signs of epileptic seizures or diabetic episodes and alert their owners before it happens. Check out the entire article here...

🦴 Adopt-a-dog using our new search tools...

Take me to “Adopt-A-Dog”.

🦴 Why is my dog starring at me?

Check out our new section titled “Quick Reads, right here on our “Home” page. 

🦴A Sampling of photos from “Musi” the famous canine photographer. Full story on the WASHINGTON POST.

🦴 Dogspot, is planning 300 locations

New Service for taking your dog along with you... cool concept!


🦴 Everyones a photographer... 🐕Enjoy our new slideshow ! Right here on our “Home” page. 

Stuff you might have missed in August 

🦴 Let’s Blog: National Dog Day

Although the doggie holiday has passed, you can still read  our blog and celebrate with Rover anytime, year round.

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⚠️ Pig Ear Alert... Throw them ALL away!

CDC Warns— Salmonella  Outbreak...

We’re always on the lookout for more entertaining subjects, so check back soon!



Feel Good About Yourself...

It’s all about helping our furry friends. This is bound to make you feel good, and put a big smile on your face. 

We put together a new blog on donating stuff you most likely already have laying around your home. We also put a list of helpful items you can donate (similar to the list above). Give what you can, they’ll appreciate your efforts and you’ll feel oh so good, most of all it’s helping dogs until they find a final forever home!  Just do it ❣️

Check out the blog here...


Adopt-a-dog using our new search tools...

Take me to “Adopt-A-Dog”.

Quick Reads...

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:


Next Generation Dogs. Amazing breakthrough in training dogs well underway...

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs: 

These canine furby’s can detect signs of epileptic seizures or diabetic episodes and alert their owners before it happens. 


Check out the entire article here...

Why is my dog starring at me?

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:


This is a fun article to read, enjoy!

Why does your dog stare at you? Whether it’s a spooky stare, a soft squinting stare or sideways stare they all could mean several reasons why, however #1 and top of the list is... “They love and adore you”, and if the tail is wagging, it’s just icing on the cake. 

If you figure it’s because he’s trying to dominate the household, you’d be wrong. In fact he’s thinking the opposite. A dog knows pretty quick in life that it’s “You” that rules they’re realm. You feed them, give them treats, play with you, take a ride, go for a dip in the lake and even sleep with you, at least mine do. 

So it’s it’s probably not hard for them to realize your the “King/Queen” of they’re world, and they just want to give you they’re respect and love!

On the flip side, they could be thinking about something else entirely. Now if you’ve trained them for certain tasks, they should be able to go ballistic on hearing the chosen word they acknowledge, and surly know. Most dogs understand the following out, go for a ride, potty, hungry, etc. Problem is my dogs will usually jump for joy on any of them. So I just go down the list, and either end up doing them all, or get lucky and hit a key idea.  

Have you ever been watching a movie with your lovable little pooch at your side when you suddenly have that creepy feeling that someone is staring at you? Turns out, its not someone, your dog is staring at you.

If your like me, you start asking your dog questions. . .

What is it? You hungry? (stupid question, she’s always hungry)

Do you wanna go outside?

Usually you get a blank stare back or a tilt of the head and sometimes a bark.

So what’s with this dog staring? Is there something in your face? Or is he plotting world domination and wondering how to begin with you? Your doggo’s unusual staring behavior might creep you out a bit, however, there are several good reasons as to why they just love to stare at you, creepily. We’ve talked about dog body language before, but this is more specific.

We decided to share with you our research on the secrets of why your dog is staring at you, so let’s check it out. 

Your Dog is Showing Affection

Your pooch adores you. And just like gazing lovingly into your lover’s eyes, dogs will stare and look at you in order to show their affection. You will see your dog having a soft expression and maybe a bit of adorable, squinty eyes to draw you in.So if your dog loves staring at you gooey-eyed with tails wagging, then he just wants to say how much he WUVS you!

Your Dog Needs Something

Dogs cannot speak our language and maybe a long stare can solve it. Maybe he is starving because you are 2 minutes late in feeding him his dinner. Maybe he wants to go out for a potty break. Maybe he lost his precious ball under the fridge and you are the only who can get it.

You’re Eating Something

Sometimes, the only reason why your lovable pooch is staring at your real hard is that you have something in your mouth that he wants to taste. Just because he has never tasted a potato chip in his life does not mean that he is not eager to help you finish that bag of chips right away. You adorable pooch just want you to share your food since those chips look and smell good that his tummy might be growling.

And sometimes it is actually our fault that he stares at you. If you ever fed your doggo while you were eating then you have taught him to stare at you in order to have his share. And now, he expects that he should do it again. Whether or not your unconsciously taught him this behavior or not, you can always train your dog to settle on his food if it bothers you.

Your Dog is Looking for Clues

Sometimes, the reason why your dog stares at you is that he is monitoring your behavior in order to find out what is going on and how it will affect him.

While you might think that your dog seems to rule the house, he actually thinks the other way around. You decide when and what he eats. You’re the one to decide when he can go outside and play. You decide where he can sleep and choose his canine or human friends. You are calling the shots in his life. And that is why your dog is looking carefully at you and is figuring out what you are up to since it has a direct effect on their life.

Dogs might seem aloof sometimes; however, they know how to read our body language. Their sense of hearing and smell are more acute than humans making them extremely observant.

Your Dog is Being Aggressive

This is not common, however, it can happen. If your dog gives you a really hard stare, has a stiff posture and eyes unblinking then he is showing signs of aggression. You might see this situation if you reach for his toy or food that he is guarding. In this case, it should be obvious what is happening.

(Author unknown)

Dogspot, is planning 300 locations

A Growing Role for Medical-Alert Dogs:

Dogspot, is planning 300 locations


Dogspot, is planning 300 locations. What a great idea... Here’s their website


Your dog's new home away from home

We care about your dog the way you do. That’s why we designed the most technologically advanced den-like environment for dogs that allows you to both bring your dog and leave your dog with peace of mind.

Keep An Eye On Your Pup

Access the Puppy Cam with the app on your phone! This way, you never have to be anxious or worried.

The Perfect Temperature

DogSpots are equipped with both heat and A/C, so they are always a cozy and safe temperature for your dog.

Spacious & Comfortable

DogSpots are designed to fit most dogs comfortably and use fans to keep the air inside fresh.

Vet Approved

We've consulted with dozens of vets to ensure dog wellness! Each DogSpot is built with firm, non-porous materials for optimum comfort.


DogSpots use UV lights to kill bacteria, viruses (including parvovirus), and molds between uses, giving you extra peace of mind.

Remotely Monitored

DogSpots are internet connected, allowing you (and our team) to keep tabs on your pup 24/7.

Dog Sipper


Get the 💥”New” nifty “Pup-Sipper”

Get the “Pup-Sipper”...

EASY TO CARRY - PERSONAL DOG WATER SIPPER. TAKE IT ON WALKS, ROAD TRIPS & HIKING — This compact dog walk water bottle is great for that evening walk, or pack it along for road trips and leave that travel dog water bowl at home. The included bottle clip can be attached to your backpack and makes a great dog hiking water bottle.


Yep, they’re functional, but Fido will look so “Cool”.

Functional, yep, but Fido is going to look oh so cool!

September 2019 Calendar

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Rescue News...


My favorite dog breed is called Rescued!

My granddaughter Kamryn holding a 4 week old JRT puppy, and showing some love!

Who let the dawgs out!

My granddaughter  is a huge puppy lover! She’s held a LOT of puppies over my 14 years of breeding. 

Quote of of the day: “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went”. (A larger than life animal lover)

Will Rogers

(Q&A) Do you remember all of the dogs you and your family owned Growing up? I’m going to list mine, just to test the ole’ bean counter out, however it could take a while; lol. Stay tuned, and as my granddaughter likes to say, quote “I’m here to pet the puppies“.  Go to our Blog, for the answer.

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